NOTE: The race manual will be published a few months before the race and all athletes will be notified

You will need to understand these rules before registering for the event:

  • You must have a support crew + vehicle and a competent 'buddy runner' for the last part of the run course (4km - 800m elevation). No exceptions! (the driver and runner can be the same person).

  • You will need to carry compulsory equipment in the running sections. You MUST make sure you have all the kit needed. There are risks associated with the mountain run and you will need the compulsory equipment for your own safety. Be prepared to carry more than the minimum requirement to ensure your safety.

  • The run section is hard and passes through a mountains - the terrain is rough, steep, exposed and rocky. The path is not always obvious or physically present.

  • We reserve the right to change to a low level run course at any point for reasons of safety and safe management of people on the mountain.

  • We reserve the right to alter the swim course to reflect weather, water and temperature conditions.

  • Support Crew: You MUST (no exceptions) have a support team of at least one person plus vehicle. This is essentially a self-supported race. Your support person will accompany you on the final mountain section and so needs to be capable of assisting you on last 4km 800m elevation climb mountain run.

  • Cut off times: Swim: 2:15h, Bike: 11:00h from the race start, Run: 12:00h from the race start to enter mountains (10km from the T2), 16:00h from the race start to proceed for the upper finish (after that, you will proceed to the lower finish line), 20:00h from the race start to finish the race.

  • Mandatory swim kit: Neoprene wetsuit and swim buoy (provided by us). We highly recommend you to use neoprene swim cap and socks.

  • Mandatory bike kit: Triathlon or the road bike with operating front and back lights, GPS tracker (provided by us).

  • Mandatory run kit: Trail run shoes, warm and waterproof jacket and pants (not windproof), hat, gloves, long sleeved thermal layer top, headlamp, mobile phone, GPS tracker (provided by us). You can wear all of this or have it in backpack.

    All other details (along with lots of other information) will be published in the Race Manual.

BLACKLAKE is an extreme triathlon. The distances are 3.8km swim, 187km road bike with 3.400m of climb and 42km run with 2.400m of climb. The run is approx 90% off-road through severe mountainous terrain. There will be strict cut-offs applied to the finish of the swim section, T2, entrance in the mountains and the start of the final mountain run section - T2A. If you don't make the latter cut off (or are judged by medical staff to be in an unfit condition to go up the mountain) you will be directed to a lower level course, but one which will still be same total distance.